Projects are roughly chronological with the most recent at the top.


Sea Level Rise: Visualizing Climate Change


Work in progress - only about 15% of the project is represented here.

Work will be ongoing through the Spring and Summer of 2016.







Over the last couple of years I have been learning the gravure process and printing this series of images.





Learning Curve

For several years I have been working on creating a digital composite workflow. There have been many pieces created but this one is the most succeful to date.

Garden of Earthly Delights: This particular piece is photomontage created from approximately 150 individual images all collected from the same neighborhood over a single morning. This is inspired by and references Hieronymus Bosch's, Garden of Earthly Delights. c.1504






Massification and the Sublime

What is concealed in something revealed? Man is, by nature, a builder. Where there is a problem we find a solution; where there is a question, we create an answer. Still, the answer is relative and the solution will almost certainly cause a new problem. How has the human drive for survival evolved into our twenty-first century consumer culture of pleasurable distractions, creature comforts, and capitalist morality? Modernity critiques itself, as it trickles down from its source in the arts and sciences to the strip malls and parking lots of mainstream American culture. Only time can measure the benefits and consequences of human ingenuity, creativity and problem solving.



Memories of Futures Past

What will the future think of the cholces we are making today? Ever so slowly, we are recognizing that accelerating development is not sustainable as one decision at a time, we write our collective history. How do we resolve the conflict between our irrepressible drive to create, and our ever-growing capacity to destroy?







This project is not a comment about American foreign policy as much as a comment on the degree to which our (the audience) understanding of that policy is informed solely by the media. All images were captured in 423 seconds on a sunny Sunday morning in 2004. The collapsing of time and space is hardly even noticed as the wars are consolidated into a handful of sound bites for our consumption. Just an observation worth noting, I think.




Do we take photographs, or do we make photographs? This is a question worthy of some consideration. At times, I have been sure I knew the answer, but I have come to think of photographing as an act of collaboration rather than one of authorship. The question becomes where does "it" end and "I" begin? This project represents my first departure from documenting "the real," as outside the garden got a bit too real.





Outside the Garden

At the time I was primarily focused on the relationship between humans and the animals we have domesticated, but I can now see that I was also figuring out what my role as an artist might be. If I have learned one thing from my travels it is the overwhelming complexity and interconnectedness of all things. Through the slow accumulation of experience and the assimilation of those chance encounters through creating work, I have learned that every inhale must be followed by and exhale. And that, is really all that is going on.